Abandoned Ghost Town Of Swansea In Arizona

October 12, 2021

Step Inside The Creepy, Abandoned Town Of Swansea In Arizona

Finding abandoned places in Arizona isn’t difficult. Ghost towns, derelict buildings, and forgotten mining shafts are everywhere, so it’s a rare spot to find one almost erased from memory. In such cases, it’s typically the distance that separates a well-known ghost town from one history forgot. This is one such town. Step inside the creepiest abandoned town in Arizona.

Found in La Paz County, just a couple of miles away from the Bill Williams River, the town sits about 30 miles from Parker or 109 miles from Wickenburg. Unless you hike, there are only two ways to get here.

Areas of the asphalt are in questionable condition, some parts can get washed out by rain, most areas are narrow, and a good chunk of it amounts to some rather rough dirt roads. A trip here can take one to three hours one way, depending on how you drive.

That’s okay! Let’s go through a quick rundown of the town.

The name for the town has its origins in international copper ore smelting. Swansea in the United Kingdom’s South Wales was the final destination for the copper ore mined in this part of Arizona for a short time period. Once the post office was established and a smelter installed, the town changed its name from Signal to Swansea.

A couple of different mining companies were established here and the railroad helped to slightly boost Swansea’s population to a few hundred at its peak. It had a small number of commercial buildings like restaurants, a saloon, theatre, and barbershops, but the town never grew to the same size as more well-known mining towns.

The first company to operate in the town only lasted another three years before closing shop. Another was set up in 1914 and they enjoyed ten years of production, including providing materials during World War I, but the mines were eventually closed for good.

Mines were shut down, people moved on, and eventually, the buildings began to succumb to natural weathering and vandalism.

The film was a crime thriller about a group of men taking over an entire town and it’s pretty rare to find these days. However, the training scenes were filmed in Swansea and will show you just how rundown the town became within a few decades.

The Bureau of Land Management has taken over the area, restoring what’s left of the buildings, covering old mine shafts, and installing plaques detailing the history of the area. Swansea is one of the most fascinating abandoned places in Arizona.

If you want to see more of this town, you can check out this short video from the YouTuber Totally Trailer.


Have you ever visited this abandoned town in Arizona? If so, we want to hear all about your experience in the comments.

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